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Geraldine Ambe

Geraldine is a dedicated and passionate individual who wears many hats within the Bismarck community. Her active engagement in various roles reflects her commitment to making a positive impact. With a heart for service and a strong drive to foster unity among diverse groups, Geraldine's contributions are truly inspiring.

As a board member of the ND-New American Advisory Board, and a member of Bismarck Global Neighbors, she tirelessly works to create an inclusive environment for newcomers and immigrants, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are addressed. In her role at Grace Action Chapel Int’l Bismarck, she serves as a Sunday School teacher, empowering her students to connect with their community through dance and community service projects.

In 2021, she graced the stage as a speaker at the Leading Ladies Luncheon, sharing her insights and inspiring others through her journey. As an Every Girl Wins Ambassador, she advocates for the empowerment of girls and women, striving for equality and opportunity.

Geraldine's intellectual curiosity shines through her scholarly pursuits, particularly her research on the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon. Her articles, including "Cameroon Anglophone Crisis: Past, Present and Future" and "Role of Social Media in the Ambazonia Genocide," underscore her commitment to understanding and addressing pressing global issues.

Expanding her dedication to social justice, Geraldine serves as a Fair Housing Specialist at High Plains Fair Housing Center. She designs and leads outreach efforts across North Dakota, educating individuals about fair housing rights and providing essential advocacy for victims of discrimination.

Geraldine Ambe
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