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Bri Hall

Bri Hall, an east coast transplant and a nature enthusiast, embodies a commitment to social justice and civil rights. Throughout her impactful career, Bri has made it her mission to uplift the less fortunate and advocate for equal opportunities.

From the outset, Bri's journey was marked by meaningful engagement with unhoused individuals hailing from diverse backgrounds across cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Trenton, and State College. These experiences fueled her passion for equity and fairness. From there as a Sustainability and Urban Ag Coordinator, she channeled her energy into creating sustainable practices, launched urban agriculture initiatives (including New Brunswick’s first urban apiary and apple orchard), fostering food justice, and orchestrating community-centered education and outreach programs.

Bri is a dynamic force in the promotion of inclusive housing policies that mirror her unwavering commitment to equality and social justice. This path led her to her work with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in hospitals and shelters, igniting her dedication to justice. Further expanding her horizons, she delved into the corporate world at Amazon, advocating for diverse voices, spearheading social media content creation, and ensuring exceptional customer service for a wide range of populations.

Her journey culminated in her recent move to North Dakota as the project manager for the eviction prevention program at High Plains, a role that highlighted her exceptional leadership and positioned her for promotion to Director. In her current role, Bri is dedicated to championing fair housing rights for all.

Bri Hall
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